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Boxing can be one of the best, toughest (and funniest) workouts. Nothing gets us sweating like an intense 15 minute punching bag workout, which will tone your whole body and core while increasing your cardiovascular fitness! Love a simple partner workout with gloves and focus pads. Throw them one at home, at the park or at the gym for a simple but intense workout for all fitness levels! 

Our extensive range of amazing Boxing Gloves are handcrafted, purpose-built & cater to all men, women & children! At Punch Equipment, our expert team can help you choose the right product for your needs.

10oz or 12oz is generally a great weight to train with pads/mitts as it offers a moderate amount of resistance & great protection for your hands. We recommend the above weights for the majority of teens & adults ranging from approx. 65 – 90 kgs. If you were to wear 16oz for bag & pad work, the endurance in your arms may fatigue much earlier, however, this may in-fact build more endurance over time & giving you an even better workout. If you weigh less than 65 kilograms, we recommend 8oz – 10oz, If you are heavier than 90 kgs, a 14oz is also a suitable option.

We would recommend using the same information from the above. However, if your boxing bag is heavy, thick & dense, A heavier glove may lower the risk of potential injury!