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Vulcan Fitness is one of Australia's leading suppliers of high quality and affordable Barbell Collars.  We have Barbell Collars to suit your home gym equipment and commercial gym equipment training needs. Take your training to the next level with Vulcan Fitness gym equipment.


What are Barbell Collars? 

Barbell collars are devices used to secure weight plates on the ends of a barbell. They are essential for ensuring that the weights stay in place during lifts and do not slide off the bar. Barbell collars come in a variety of designs and materials, but the most common types are spring collars, clamp collars, and lockjaw collars.

Spring collars are the most basic type of barbell collar. They consist of two metal springs that slide onto the barbell sleeves and hold the weight plates in place. Spring collars are lightweight and easy to use, but they may not be suitable for heavy lifting or dynamic movements, as the weight plates can sometimes shift or slide during the lift.

Lockjaw collars are the most advanced type of barbell collar and provide the most secure grip on the bar. They consist of a single piece of metal or plastic that locks onto the barbell sleeves and holds the weight plates in place. Lockjaw collars are easy to install and remove and are ideal for heavy lifting and dynamic movements, as they provide a secure hold on the barbell.

Clamp collars are more secure than spring collars and consist of two metal pieces that clamp onto the barbell sleeves. They are typically made of metal or plastic and are easy to install and remove. Clamp collars are a popular choice for powerlifting and weightlifting, as they provide a secure grip on the bar and are less likely to slip or loosen during the lift.

Overall, barbell collars are an important piece of equipment for anyone who uses a barbell to lift weights. They ensure that the weight plates stay in place and prevent accidents or injuries that can occur if the weights slide off the bar during a lift. The type of collar you choose will depend on your specific training needs and personal preference.