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Commercial power cage packages from Vulcan Fitness 

The Vulcan Commercial Power Cage is our top of the line power rack allowing for virtually limitless configurations and attachment setups. This rack is the ultimate cornerstone of any home/commercial gym, with versatility and range of attachments to perform hundreds of exercises. Our commercial power cage packages include our commercial power cage, an olympic barbell, bumper plates and an adjustable bench. If you are looking for a top of the line gym setup, look no further than our commercial  power cage package. 

Upgrade your gym setup and purchase a power cage package from Vulcan Fitness today! 


What is the difference between the packages?

Our commercial power cage package features our commercial power cage, along with differing options for:

  • Olympic barbell- choose between our 15kg or 20kg standard barbells, and our premium competition or power barbells. Our standard barbells are a great all round barbell, while our competition barbells have more bearings, allowing the sleeves to spin more freely. This is important if you are performing Olympic lifts such as cleans or snatches. Our power barbell has more aggressive knurling and is an awesome option if your focus is on traditional powerlifting movements 
  • Bumper plates - our packages come with either 100kg or 150kg of bumper plates. Choose the amount of weight that suits your lifting ability! We also have an option for black and colour bumper plates. The colour plates are slightly more premium, and as such are a little bit more expensive. 
  • Adjustable bench - at Vulcan, we currently offer four different types of adjustable bench. Check out our bench buying guide for a detailed review of the different options.

Can’t find the combination you are looking for? Reach out to our friendly staff and we can put together a customised package for you!

How long will a power rack last?

Our commercial power rack is made to last. Manufactured from high quality steel and featuring 11 gauge 75mm x 75mm uprights, it comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame. Premium powder coating also protects the frame from rust and provides a polished matte black finish!