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What equipment comes first in a home gym?

When you’re looking to kit out your space, home gym packages and squat rack packages offer the foundational elements to build a comprehensive workout routine. From a multiuse power cage to benches, barbells and weight plates, you have everything you need to exercise a huge range of muscles and maximise the potential of each workout with optimal flexibility. Perform key compound exercises such as bench press, squats, deadlifts and pullups, plus hundreds of others to target whole body workouts. 

What are the benefits of a home gym package?

The main benefits of home gym packages are the convenience, flexibility and value for money. When you train at home, there is no commute time, no waiting for the equipment to become available and no sharing of strangers' sweat and germs! Blast your favourite music, train in whatever workout clothes you want!  Also, there's no subscription or membership fee, so you'll save money in the long run!

Is a home gym effective?

Looking for a home gym package in Australia? More and more customers are looking to pursue high levels of fitness at home with quality machines that match their level of performance. Training from home means you can spend more time training and less time on the commute or waiting for equipment to become free. Join thousands of Australians who are training their body from home and seeing results.