Conditioning & Functional Training

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Body conditioning is a form of exercise that targets the whole body rather than focusing on one muscle at a time. It is a more well-rounded approach to physical fitness that can yield a multitude of health benefits. At VULCAN Fitness, we have high-quality training accessories to help improve endurance, increase flexibility, boost stamina, build lean muscle mass and reach your fitness goals. Within our collection, you’ll find:

  • VULCAN Resistance Bands — These thin elastic bands add tension and resistance during workouts, enhancing muscular contractions so you can build strength.

  • VULCAN Slam Balls — These are rubber-covered, weighted balls used for various exercises to tone, sculpt and shape your muscles. 

  • VULCAN 3-in-1 Plyo Box —This is a wooden box for leaping, jumping and landing drills. These quick, powerful motions improve lower-body strength and agility.

Check out our range today to find the best metcon equipment and training accessories that will help you enhance your overall fitness and build lean muscle mass.


What is metabolic conditioning?

Metabolic conditioning is a form of exercise that usually includes aerobic and anaerobic workouts, strength exercises and cardio conditioning.

What exercises are included in metabolic conditioning?

Common metabolic conditioning workouts include:

  • Kettlebell swings
  • Abs bicycle kicks 
  • Barbell high pulls 
  • Planks
  • Burpees
  • Lunges
  • Push-ups

What equipment do you need for metcon training?

Metcon equipment needed in your workout regimen includes: