What is a competition bumper plate, and do I need them
over normal bumper plates?

A competition bumper plate is similar to a normal bumper plate, except it features a large stainless steel insert in the centre of the plate (which is much larger than the steel ring in a normal bumper plate). This helps to reinforce the plate and prevent it from warping over time, especially when the plates are being dropped frequently. The rest of the plate is made up of high-density rubber. Competition plates are thinner than a rubber bumper plate, allowing you to fit more weight onto the sleeve of the bar.

This stainless-steel insert means that competition bumper plates are a lot more expensive than traditional bumper plates. This can add up very quickly when you are buying a 100kg bumper plate set.

If you have the budget, competition plates are
nice, but not necessary unless you are very specialised in your training. We provide our normal bumper plates to commercial facilities around Australia, and durability is not an issue. Unless you will be consistently performing Olympic lifts at high frequencies, you probably won’t
notice a difference in durability.


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