VULCAN Home Gym Power Rack

The VULCAN Home Gym Home Rack is insane value for money and makes a fantastic centrepiece in any home gym. With a range of compatible attachments, this power rack gives you the versatility to perform hundreds of different exercises from the comfort of your own home. 


VULCAN Commercial Power Rack

The VULCAN Commercial Power Rack is our top of the line power rack allowing for virtually limitless configurations and attachment setups. This rack is the ultimate cornerstone of any home/commercial gym, with versatility and range of attachments to perform hundreds of exercises. Designed to stand anything you can throw at it with a rackable capacity over 500kg and lifetime warranty on the frame. Best of all, you won't find a better price for a top of the range offering from any of our competitors.  


VULCAN Elite Squat Rack

Have you ever attempted a pull-up or heavy squat on a cheap, rickety squat rack and felt like it could fall apart any minute? This is NOT one of those racks! 

The VULCAN Elite Squat Rack delivers maximum stability through smart design combined with heavy duty 3x3" 14 gauge steel, and comes with a LIFETIME warranty on the frame. Found in both commercial and garage gyms around Australia, this rack offers great versatility when training for strength, size, or functional fitness and can be combined with additionalVULCAN Elite Squat Rack Attachments.


VULCAN Elite Squat Stands

Introducing our all NEW VULCAN Elite Squat Stand, extremely stable and a great alternative if you're looking for stand to just get started at your home.

Can be adjusted to perform almost all exercises that you could do in a standard rack.  


Rack features

When looking at a rack, there are a number of features, which, while not 100% necessary, are important considerations.

Hole spacing – Some racks, including our commercial power cage and elite squat rack have what is known as Westside Hole Spacing. This means there is only 1" (or) 2.5cm between the holes and allows for the precise placement of safety arms and J-Hooks, a particularly useful feature when setting up your rack for bench pressing.

Laser engraved numbering – Numbers engraved next to the holes on both sides of the rack. A small but useful feature which mean you spend less time adjusting your J-hooks and safety bars, and ensures you use the optimal setup for your lifts.

Available attachments – Consider what attachments you might want to get either now or in the future, and if they are compatible with your rack.