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Olympic Barbell

Rack: 50mm x 50mm uprights. 2mm thick steel. 25mm hole diameter. 66kg rack weight. Over 250kg rackable capacity. 215m height cleareance.

Bench: 30kg product weight. Weight rated to over 450kg (including user). Grippy pad for maximum comfort.

State-of-the-art laser cutting and robotic welding techniques used to ensure consistent quality and a fantastic finish to all components.

90 day love it or leave it policy. Try it in your own home or facility for 3 months and if you don’t love your equipment, we will refund your order. 2 year warranty. Cosmetic or surface scratches and normal wear and tear are not included.

Attachment Ecosystem

Our home gym power rack comes with a huge suite of attachments and add-ons. Customise your rack for almost limitless different configurations.


Multiple Angles

6¬†different back pad adjustments¬†0¬į, 20¬į, 35¬į, 45¬į, 60¬į, 85¬į) and 3 different seat adjustments. With 18 different possible ways to configure our Pro Adjustable Bench, you can hit your workout from any angle.

Machined Olympic Iron Plates

Machined production for accurate weight tolerance of under 2%. Heavy duty and coated with durable matt finis for sleek look. Featuring the classic standard barbell text.

The Ultimate Home Gym Deal. What's included?

  • Home Gym Power Rack
  • Premium J-Hooks
  • Multigrip Pull Up Bar
  • Chrome Spotter Bars
  • Pro Adjustable Bench
  • 100kg Machined Olympic Iron Plates
  • Your of Choice of Barbell
  • Pair of Silver Spring Collars
  • Heavy Duty Screws and Bolts

Frequently Asked Questions



The package includes the following: 

  • Olympic Barbell (4 options - choose the perfect barbell to meet your needs)¬†
  • 2x 20kg¬†Machined Olympic Iron Plates
  • 2x15kg¬†Machined Olympic Iron Plates
  • 2x10kg¬†Machined Olympic Iron Plates
  • 2 x5kg¬†Machined Olympic Iron Plates
  • Home Gym Power Rack
  • Pro Adjustable Bench¬†
  • Pair of Safety Collars¬†

Olympic Barbell

Choose the perfect barbell to suit your needs! Pick from the following four options:

20kg Standard Olympic Barbell: 

The perfect entry level barbell for home gym use

  • Size: 2200mm x 30mm
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Material:¬†Zinc alloy
  • Surface treatment:¬†Chrome finish on shaft and sleeves
  • Knurling: Four section pattern, no centre knurling
  • Maximum Load: 700LB (350kg)
  • Sleeves 50mm to fit Olympic sized weight plates
  • Colour: Silver¬†
  • Tested for 48hrs in heavy salt spray¬†

20kg Competition Olympic Barbell: 

Our premium quality competition grade black barbell (IWF Standards)

  • Competition grade Black Barbell (IWF Standards)¬†
  • Size: 2200mm x 28mm¬†
  • Weight: 20kg¬†
  • Material: High Grade Spring Steel¬†
  • Surface Treatment: Black Chrome¬†
  • Sleeve: 8NK Needle Bearing +2 Stainless Steel Bushing + Tail Screw Cover
  • Sleeve colour: Chrome¬†
  • IWF Standard Knurling, p1.2mm
  • No Centre Knurling
  • Pattern Depth 0.25-0.35mm
  • Tensile Strength: 210K Pensile Strength¬†
  • Colour: Black
  • Maximum Load: 1500LB (680kg)¬†

15kg Standard Olympic Barbell:

The perfect entry level barbell for home gym use

  • Size: 2010mm x 30mm
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Material: Zinc alloy
  • Surface treatment: Chrome finish on shaft and sleeves
  • Knurling: Four section pattern, no centre knurling
  • Maximum Load: 700LB (350kg)
  • Sleeves 50mm to fit Olympic sized weight plates
  • Colour: Silver¬†
  • Tested for 48hrs in heavy salt spray

15kg Competition Olympic Barbell: 

Our premium quality competition grade all black barbell (IWF Standards) 

  • Size: 2010mm x 25mm¬†
  • Weight: 15kg¬†
  • Material: High grade spring steel¬†
  • Surface treatment: Black hardened chrome¬†
  • Sleeve: 8NK needle bearings +2 stainless steel bushings + tail screw cover¬†
  • Knurling: IWF standard knurling, p1.2mm
  • Pattern depth 0.25-0.35mm
  • Tensile strength: 210KPSI¬†
  • Colour: Black
  • Maximum load: 1500LB (680kg)¬†

Machined Olympic Iron Plates

VULCAN Olympic Iron Plates are the most cost-efficient way to build out your home gym or commercial facility. They are perfect for strength training and powerlifting. These iron plates are heavy-duty, machined, cast and coated with durable, matte finish for a sleek look. With a weight tolerance of under 2%, they are accurate than regular cast iron plates, this means that a 20kg plate will be no more than 400 grams either way of 20kg. Featuring the classic standard barbell text with weight amounts painted in white to make logo and kilos appear well.

Plate Sets: 

  • 100kg¬†-¬† 20KG x2, 15KG x2, 10KG x2, 5KG x2

Superior Manufacturing Methods: Machined production for accurate weight tolerance of under 2%.

Usage: Machined production for accurate weight tolerance of under 2%.

  • 5kg - Diameter/¬†Thickness (mm) 227/ 22
  • 10kg - Diameter/¬†Thickness (mm) 270/ 35
  • 15kg - Diameter/ Thickness (mm) 350/ 33
  • 20kg - Diameter/ Thickness (mm) 445/ 34

Home Gym Power Rack

The VULCAN Home Gym Power Rack is insane value for money and makes a fantastic centrepiece in any home gym. With a range of compatible attachments, this power rack gives you the versatility to perform hundreds of different exercises from the comfort of your own home. 

The multi-grip pull up arch is height adjustable and you'll be able to target different muscles groups with it's traditional, close, neutral or wide-grip pull up options. Have a low ceiling? That's no problem with it's inverted design - which is also perfect for athletes of various heights. 

The laser engraved numbered uprights allow you to make quick and easy adjustments to one of 20 different adjustable levels. And our solid steel, chrome plated spotter bars will give you the confidence to push those PBs! 

We know that metal on metal is not cool. That's why we lined our J-cups with UHMW (an industrial-grade plastic), so that you can rest easy knowing that your barbell will remain scratch free. 

And don't forget to add compatible attachments to your VULCAN Home Gym Power Rack. The Lat Pull Down & Lat Row Attachment is ideal for functional body-building options, like tricep pull-downs, leg extensions, cable curls and many more. Or add the Landmine Attachment for even more functionality!


  • Multi-grip pull up arch
  • Laser engraved numbered uprights¬†(7.5cm between holes to allow for precise adjustment of J-Cups and Safety Bars)
  • 2x J-cups with UHMW¬†(an industrial-grade plastic) to protect your barbells
  • 2x Solid steel, chrome plated spotter bars
  • Premium powder coated finish (rather than painted)
  • Bolt down the feet for additional stability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adequate clearance for any flat, adjustable exercise benches
  • Allows¬†for bench press, squats, military press, rack pulls and hundreds of other exercises!


  • Brand: VULCAN Fitness
  • Material: Steel
  • Colour: Black
  • Product Weight: 62kg
  • Shipping Weight: 66kg
  • Height: 217cm
  • Length: 125cm
  • Width:¬†148cm
  • Weight rated: 320kg
  • Packaging: 2x Carton Boxes

Pro Adjustable Bench

The VULCAN Pro Adjustable Bench is a sturdy flat and incline bench with a redesigned adjustment ladder for easier use. Very versatile with 6 different incline positions. The Pro Adjustable Bench is the best flat incline bench on the market, combining quality and functionality. 

Sturdy and stable: Features rubber grip feets for extra stability when lifting. You can lift heavily with confidence knowing that your bench is going to stay in place, with rubber feet on all 3 contact points. 

Multiple incline angles: With 6 back adjustable and 3 seat adjustments, you'll be surprised by the versatility of this adjustable bench. Ladder allows for easier adjustment, so that you can hit every angle you need for your incline bench presses. 

Grippy pad for maximum comfort: The all new grippy pad means you will not slide around when lifting. The Pro Adjustable Bench uses the same padding as our Commercial FID Bench, so you can rest assured that the pad will be comfortable and firm enough to support heavy weights. 

Easy maneuverability: Thanks to the ergonomic handle and wheels! This convenient feature makes it easier to clean your gym after a week of training.  

Weight Rated: The Pro Adjustable Bench is weight rated for a whooping 450kg! 

Built to last though! They are made from the highest quality steel with the best craftsmanship! 

  • Brand: VULCAN Fitness¬†
  • Colour:¬†Black/ Grey
  • Dimensions (mm) L*W*H: 1270*580*445
  • Pad Gap (when flat) (mm)/(cm): 45/4.5
  • Backrest adjustable notches: 6 back pad adjustments (0 to 90 degrees)
  • Cushion adjustable notches: 3 angle adjustments from flat to incline
  • Frame material: Powder Coated 2mm thick steel¬†
  • Product Weight: 30kg (Commercial Grade)
  • Weight Rated: 450kg