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Vulcan Fitness is one of Australia's leading suppliers of high quality and affordable weight benches, power racks and squat racks.

No matter your budget or skill level, we have quality racks, benches and weight packages that will provide a rock solid base for your training. Our benches and racks with weights are designed to allow you to perform at your best. We clearly list all maximum load capacities on our products, so you can push your limits without having to worry about your equipment failing you. All our racks and benches come with high quality finishes as standard, such as grippy vinyl padding on our benches and laser engraved numbering on all our racks. 

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Adjustable bench

An adjustable bench has a backrest that can, as the name suggests, be adjusted to several different angles. This increases the versatility of the bench and allows you to perform a range of additional exercises, which in turn allows you to better target specific muscle groups.

We have a range of adjustable benches to suit all budgets. Our Commercial FID bench has a weight rating of up to 500kg, and allows for flat, incline and decline exercises, while our Home Gym FID bench is perfect for domestic use with a weight rating of 300kg.

Power Rack/Power Cage

A power rack features 4 steel uprights forming a cage that surrounds you while you lift. A key feature of the power rack are the horizontal safety bars that can be adjusted to act as your spotter. All our power racks have a huge array of attachments that can add diversity to your workout routine. Check out our top of the line Commercial Power Cage, or our Home Gym Power Cage for a fantastic budget option.

Squat rack 

Our elite squat rack has a strong frame (75mm x 75mm uprights with 3mm thick steel), adjustable safety spotter arms, and j-hooks with UHMW plastic to protect your barbell from damage. 

Boost your fitness and shop our weight bench and squat racks today

Our catalogue offers various types of equipment, such as our best-selling adjustable weight bench and squat rack, for a solid weightlifting routine that’ll get your heart pumping. Shop our bench and racks with weights today and get your fitness goals on track. 


What should I look for when buying a squat rack or power cage?

First, look at the weight rating of a rack. Our squat racks and power cages are a long term investment. Consider the weight that you are lifting now, and if it will suit your needs as you progress with your strength training. 

Also consider the range of attachments you may want to add. Our power cages allow for landmine, lat pulldown, power arms, monolifts, dip and storage attachments just to name a few. 

Check out our full rack buying guide here.

What should I look for when buying a weight bench?

It is important to consider a number of features, including the weight rating (make sure you factor your own body weight plus how much you will be lifting), padding and upholstery, and build quality.

Check out our full bench buying guide here.