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Olympic Barbell




The package includes the following: 

  • Olympic Barbell (4 options - choose the perfect barbell to meet your needs)¬†
  • 2x 20kg Black Bumper Plates¬†
  • 2x15kg Black Bumper Plates¬†
  • 2x10kg Black Bumper Plates¬†
  • 2 x5kg Black Bumper Plates¬†
  • Elite Squat Rack
  • Home Adjustable Bench¬†
  • Pair of Safety Collars¬†

Warranty: VULCAN Elite Squat Rack comes with a life time guarantee on the frame (excluding powder coating). Barbell, Bumper Plates & Adjustable Bench comes with a one-year manufacturers' warranty.


Choose the perfect barbell to suit your needs! Pick from the following four options:

20kg Standard Olympic Barbell: 

The perfect entry level barbell for home gym use

  • Size: 2200mm x 30mm
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Material:¬†Zinc alloy
  • Surface treatment:¬†Chrome finish on shaft and sleeves
  • Knurling: Four section pattern, no centre knurling
  • Maximum Load: 700LB (350kg)
  • Sleeves 50mm to fit Olympic sized weight plates
  • Colour: Silver¬†
  • Tested for 48hrs in heavy salt spray¬†

20kg Competition Olympic Barbell: 

Our premium quality competition grade black barbell (IWF Standards)

  • Competition grade Black Barbell (IWF Standards)¬†
  • Size: 2200mm x 28mm¬†
  • Weight: 20kg¬†
  • Material: High Grade Spring Steel¬†
  • Surface Treatment: Black Chrome¬†
  • Sleeve: 8NK Needle Bearing +2 Stainless Steel Bushing + Tail Screw Cover
  • Sleeve colour: Chrome¬†
  • IWF Standard Knurling, p1.2mm
  • No Centre Knurling
  • Pattern Depth 0.25-0.35mm
  • Tensile Strength: 210K Pensile Strength¬†
  • Colour: Black
  • Maximum Load: 1500LB (680kg)¬†

15kg Standard Olympic Barbell:

The perfect entry level barbell for home gym use

  • Size: 2010mm x 30mm
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Material: Zinc alloy
  • Surface treatment: Chrome finish on shaft and sleeves
  • Knurling: Four section pattern, no centre knurling
  • Maximum Load: 700LB (350kg)
  • Sleeves 50mm to fit Olympic sized weight plates
  • Colour: Silver¬†
  • Tested for 48hrs in heavy salt spray

15kg Competition Olympic Barbell: 

Our premium quality competition grade all black barbell (IWF Standards) 

  • Size: 2010mm x 25mm¬†
  • Weight: 15kg¬†
  • Material: High grade spring steel¬†
  • Surface treatment: Black hardened chrome¬†
  • Sleeve: 8NK needle bearings +2 stainless steel bushings + tail screw cover¬†
  • Knurling: IWF standard knurling, p1.2mm
  • Pattern depth 0.25-0.35mm
  • Tensile strength: 210KPSI¬†
  • Colour: Black
  • Maximum load: 1500LB (680kg)¬†


VULCAN Olympic Bumper Plates have been rigorously tested by coaches and athletes and are suitable for any type of workout. They are built to last, with hand trimmed edges for a smooth finish. The stainless steel inserts fit tightly on all Olympic size barbells. Created from 100% natural rubber, the VULCAN bumper plates are designed for low bounce and high durability. 

Plate Sets: 

  • 100kg¬†-¬† 20KG x2, 15KG x2, 10KG x2, 5KG x2

Superior Manufacturing Methods: Stainless Steel inserts with hooks moulded into bumper plates increase durability versus older designs with brass inserts. 

Low Bounce: Made from 100% natural rubber resulting in low bounce unlike other bumper plates made with recycled rubber. 

Drop Tests: Factory drop tested to withstand over 15,000 drops from height of 250cm. 

Usage: Used widely in both commercial and home gyms all over the country. 

Warranty: Warranty for 2 year. Cosmetic or surface scratches and normal wear and tear are not included. Bumper plates are recommended to be used on impact absorbing surfaces such as rubber tiles and should not be used on hard surfaces such as gravel or concrete to get the best out of them. 


100% Natural Rubber + Stainless Steel Inner Cover 

Outer Diameter: 450mm/ 17.72 inches (IWF Standard)
Inner Diameter: 50.4mm 
Thickness:  26mm - 89mm 
Weight Tolerance:  +/- 1% of claimed weight
Bounce:  Minimum Bounce



Have you ever attempted a pull-up or heavy squat on a cheap, rickety squat rack and felt like it could fall apart any minute? This is NOT one of those racks! 

The VULCAN Elite Squat Rack delivers maximum stability through smart design combined with heavy duty 3x3" 14 gauge steel, and comes with a LIFETIME warranty on the frame. Found in both commercial and garage gyms around Australia, this rack offers great versatility when training for strength, size, or functional fitness and can be combined with additional VULCAN Elite Squat Rack Attachments.



  • Straight Pull up bar¬†
  • Westside hole spacing (2.5cm between holes to allow for precise adjustment of J-Hooks and safety bars)¬†
  • 2 x Heavy Duty Adjustable Barbell J-Hooks
  • Premium Laser cut numbering¬†
  • Made from strong 2mm thick steel with 75mm x 75mm uprights
  • Premium powder coated finish¬†
  • Adequate clearance for any flat, adjustable exercise benches
  • Double reinforced half rack system with more stability than most regular squat racks,¬†requires less room than power cage
  • Easy assembly
  • Very stable heavy construction¬†with assembled rack weighing¬†72kg¬†
  • Heavy duty supports and attachments

 Warranty: Our goal is to supply you quality fitness equipment and the VULCAN Elite Squat Rack comes with a life time guarantee on the frame (excluding powder coating)



VULCAN Fitness 


3x3" 14-guage/ 75mm Uprights



Product Weight







3x Carton Boxes 



The VULCAN Home Adjustable Bench is flat, incline and decline bench which is perfect for home use. With 7 backrest and 4 seat adjustments, it allows the user to target different muscle groups during their workout. The bench features a sturdy frame with a weight rating of 300kg (which includes the weight of both the user and the weight they are lifting), making it perfect for the beginner and intermediate lifter.

Multiple incline angles: With 7 back adjustable and 4 seat adjustments, you'll be surprised by the versatility of this adjustable bench. Ladder adjustment mechanism allows for easier angle changes, so that you can hit every angle you need for your incline, decline and flat presses! 

Comfort: The bench features a padded 70mm pad which firm enough to provide the required support, but soft enough to ensure the user's comfort while lifting. The pad is encased by an upgraded grippy vinyl upholstery which is durable, easy to clean, and prevents your from sliding around while lifting.

Easy manoeuvrability: The bench features an ergonomic handle and wheels, allowing you to easily move your bench around as needed. 

Weight Rating: The Home Adjustable Bench is weight rated for 300kg! 

Warranty: One-year manufacturer warranty.



Brand: VULCAN Fitness 
Colour:  Black
Dimensions (mm) L*W*H: 1638*565*48
Backrest adjustable notches: 7 back pad adjustments
Cushion adjustable notches: 4 angle adjustments
Pad thickness (mm): 70
Steel frame:  Q235 steel, 50*70*1.5mm
Product Weight: 23kg (Home Gym Use)
Weight Rated: 300kg



Difficulty - Easy, 20 minutes. Assembly instructions included.


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