1. Landmine Front Squat

Landmine squats are front loaded, which makes it a great low impact alternative to  barbell back squats. The anterior loading reduces stress on the knee joints, and makes squats more accessible for those with injuries or mobility issues.   

It is also great for learning proper squat technique! The position of the barbell stops you from leaning forward as you sink into your squat - meaning you will keep your chest upright throughout the movement!

2. Landmine Reverse Lunge 

We find a landmine lunge helps break up the monotony of bodyweight or walking lunges!

Holding the weight in front of you places more emphasis on your quads and core than other variation of the lunge.

Try  a side variation (holding the barbell to your side while lunging) to target your gluteus medius - the side of your butt!

3. Landmine Single Arm Bent Over Row

Another great alternative to a traditional dumbbell or barbell bent over row to work your back muscles. The arc of the barbell means you hit your muscles differently  from other forms of rows, working additional stabilising muscles. 

The unilateral (single arm) nature of the exercise means it is great for finding and fixing strength imbalances.

4. Single Arm Landmine Press

The single arm press is a great exercise to improve shoulder strength while reducing shoulder irritation. The diagonal arc of the pressing movement places less pressure on the shoulder joints, as you are pressing both forward and up, rather than just straight up. 

This is the landmine exercise we incorporate into our training the most!

5.  Landmine T-Bar row

The landmine bent over row is the two handed alternative to exercise number 3.  The T-Bar row works all the major back muscles and is a great exercise for increasing back strength and size. 

Make sure you keep our back from rounding and your shoulder blades engaged to avoid injury when lifting heavy!

In the example to the left, we are using the VULCAN T-Bar Handle

6.  Landmine Single Arm Chest Press 

A good exercise for targeting your chest, triceps, and shoulders. The single-arm chest press has several differences from a traditional bench press, making it a useful alternative, especially if you have shoulder injuries. The range of motion stops at the floor, which results in less strain on your shoulders. You also get less support from your legs, which means you can better isolate your upper body muscles.

7.  Landmine Windshield Wiper 

This exercise will set fire to your oblique and core muscles.

The side-to-side motion should mimic that of a windshield wiper. Make sure that you are rotating from your core throughout the exercise.

8.  Landmine Lateral Raise

Good exercise for targeting those hard to hit rear delts! Make sure you keep the weight light for this exercise.